12th April

Opening session (main room)

8:30 Morning reception, mingle

9:00 Welcome and introductions

9:05 The Exponential Roadmap, Owen Gaffney & Johan Falk (Future Earth)

9:15 Quick talks: Examples from leading businesses and cities, day 1 speakers

10:20 Coffee on the go

10:25 Connect in groups

10:45 Explaining methodology for interactive sessions

Inspiration session (main room)

11:00 Keynote speakers

12:10 LUNCH

Interactive session 1 (group rooms)

13:00 Exploring opportunities

15:00 Coffee

Interactive session 2 (group rooms)

15:20 Group session, quantify and qualify solutions


Closing session (main room)

16:20 Key insights from groups, wrapping up

16:40 End

17:00 Participants have left the premise

13th April

Tour: Ericsson studio (Gather at Grönlandsgången 4, Kista)

8:50 Tours in groups through Ericsson showcase studio

Interactive session 3 (main room)

10:10 Coffee

10:20 Exhibition of solutions in main hall

Transformation session (main room)

10:55 Talks: Rapid transformations of cities, digital systems and society

11:55 Plenary talk: City Indicators, international insights (Pernilla Bergmark, Master Researcher, Ericsson) 

12:05 Talk and video: AR and Minecraft for a city design project in Johannesburg (Marcus Nyberg, Senior Researcher, Ericsson)

12:15 LUNCH

Interactive session 4 (group rooms)

13:00 Group session 

14:00 Flexible coffee break

Ending session (main room)

14:30 Teams presenting in main hall

15:20 Retrospective, sum up and closure

16:00 End

17:00 Participants have left the premise

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